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Need to detox from work stress and recharge your batteries? There’s nothing like some time in the great outdoors with a coach for support and a horse for guidance. Start your journey towards a happier, more focused life today.


Children who aren’t always open with parents or teachers tend to form strong, positive bonds with horses. Help your child regain focus, clarity, and self-confidence with a professional session from Live 4 2Day.


Turn holistic personal growth into a family affair with a group coaching session.

Reset your nervous system by having a safe container for resilience.


Do you feel disconnected or lost in your life or work? Do you struggle with uncertainty in our current social, political, and or economic environment? Or, do you work with people to help them navigate the chaos of change?

In this Pathway Package you are offered an Equus Coaching session which will help to guide you through an immersive experience with horses, revealing deeply ingrained energetic and behavioral patterns that you may not even be aware of. This profound and playful process will help identify limiting beliefs and blocks, and experience what it takes to move beyond them. The results are deeply embodied shifts in self-awareness that lead to greater clarity, authenticity, connection, creativity, and personal freedom.

After your initial Equus session I would like to offer you a safe place of belonging where we can follow up on intentions you set in your initial session. We will have the opportunity for two 30 min phone or zoom sessions per week on a monthly basis.

When we feel a sense of belonging and are not questioning our sense of self or values we are creating a deep relaxation in the nervous system, allowing for rejuvenation in the next moment.

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